2WinSails 9,5 LW 2019

2WinSails 9,5 LW 2019
Condition: Like New
Deposit €: 200
Sail Model: 2WinSails
Size (m2): 9.5m2
Phone Number: +491713756073

150 € for the races of the worlds and 30€ extra if it is also used for the Nations Cup.
Used only 1 time
Very good conditions
For rent
Most likely for sale after the worlds … will be decided in June!


General text:

To support the participation of competitors from abroad which cannot bring their own equipment I ordered the full set of new Loftsails, so that I have now “some” sails available.

As I have to test the new sails first before I can decide which ones I will use myself during the worlds, for some sails offered for rent I need a certain flexibility (Example: when you are interested in a Lightwind Sail, it might be that the 2WinSail 9,5 LW is available, but if I decide to use it myself than the brandnew Sailloft ULW would be available instead.

I can only finally say end of May, which sails will be for rent and which I use myself.

For all sails I can also provide/rent the right mast; and I also organised 3 or 4 carbon Raceboard booms for rent (Severne Enigma, NeilPryde X9, X-Booms Formula 260-320 which I have to try to shorten until the Worlds). Masts and Booms will not be published here separately … the rental fees will be between 80-130 per piece.

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